I’m venturing into a new area of photography that I think is a perfect blend of my background and all things I love, in-home lifestyles. As some of you know I started my photography career as a photojournalism. I love being able to capture real moments, even everyday moments people would never think to document but when they are photographed have so much more meaning than those posing looking at the camera photos.

When Ashley asked me to take family photos I asked her about doing some in-home photos, she didn’t seem too sure of it so we started out in a park to do some more traditional photos. And after shooting for about 30 minutes it was getting a little too cold for everyone so I asked again about going to their home. I was so excited when she agreed!

Now everyone thinks you have to have the picture perfect from a magazine decorated home but it’s not about that. It’s about making a record of real moments that are everyday happening when no one is there. Something you might never think to photograph but by having an image of those moments to look back on is so special. And in my opinion, so much more than a posed photo with everyone looking at the camera smiling.

Thank you again to Ashley and Brandon for allowing me into their home and sharing this special time in their lives with me!