Rachael Haeberman— We found Andi through another photographer in the Madison area (since she was not available on our wedding date). I went to her website and totally fell in love with her portfolio! We set up an appointment with Andi in Wausau at a coffee shop to meet her, and we were so impressed with how warm and friendly she was and with how attentive she was to our preferences and needs. She also traveled to Madison twice (for engagement pictures and for our wedding day) at no extra cost. Here are the top reasons why Andi was a great fit for us: --She works hard for you. She will crawl, climb, and walk anywhere to get the right angle for you. --She has a great attention to detail. She caught a picture of my nephew half-asleep on my brother's-in-law arm at the ceremony and you can see my husband and me in the background. It is the most precious photo! --She laughed and joked with us, which brought out natural laughs and smiles. --She was on time and prepared. She even brought our invitation that we'd mailed her and used it in some photos with my shoes/jewelry. I didn't even know she had done that until we got the photos back, and it was SUCH a great surprise. --Her rates fit any budget. (Go with the Platinum Package if you can -- it is worth every penny to have two photographers. You basically get two chances to capture every special moment, rather than one, and in most cases you get two different angles of the same moment, which was so special to me!) --We didn't notice her. This wasn't something I'd thought about until I began writing this review, but for the super important/personal moments (walking down the aisle, during the entire Mass, during our first dance, etc), I didn't notice her taking pictures, but she still got amazing shots. It was so nice that she captured our day without interrupting our memories of it. Incredible. --She is relaxed and flexible. She was willing to do whatever I wanted and helped us make our day our own. --She put us in natural poses and encouraged us to do our own thing. I think the #1 reason why our photos are so great is because we're standing/sitting in natural poses. --She doesn't over-edit her photos. They are clearly professional quality, but we don't look like processed, plastic Barbie dolls. Andi is amazing. I highly, highly recommend her!!


Alissa Castellanos

Andi loves photography and it shows. She has made a career of it, so she knows what she's doing, but you also see her passion in finding the right location and getting the right shot. She knows how to handle different lighting situations, and has an eye for spotting great backdrops.

Andi photographed our engagement session in San Diego, CA, and wedding in Madison, WI; the wedding included a second photographer, Jenna. Andi and Jenna went above and beyond expectations. They are both very disciplined, professional, patient, and try their best to provide the best work possible. Andi Stempniak Photography is highly recommended, and don't let location limit you. She travels and does her homework for locations she's not familiar with.


Kasey Greenheck--

I don’t even know where to begin! Working with Andi you know you are working with someone that is willing to go above and beyond to get the perfect shot! I know that when we are shooting she cares just as much about the photos as I do (if not more!) She wants to make sure that she gives you the exact shots you want. I couldn’t be happier working with her!! Her attention to detail blows my mind. The things she notices and is able to fix is just incredible. She's super flexible and great at problem solving. She can help make the best of any situation and make sure you end up with great images. With her experience, she's able to troubleshoot like no other!

We have so much fun when we are shooting. She is a great stylist as well and helps style the shot to make it look PERFECT. She is such a creative and talented photographer! When you are shooting with her you can just feel her passion for photography. She really loves what she does and really wants you to love what she creates!

My blog wouldn’t be the same without her amazing shots, since working with her my instagram has gained over 10,000 followers and I know it’s largely due to her FANTASTIC images. I wish I could have her as my blog’s full-time photographer, but right now, I have to share her, you definitely should hire her! You won’t regret it!!!


Alyssa Waters Van Duyse--

From the very beginning, Andi Stempniak has been my choice for my photography needs. Nearly 10 years ago she took my engagement and wedding photos. She was there to capture my baby girl coming home from the hospital. And every year since then she's taken pictures of our girl. She's not just a photographer, she's become a part of our family. I would never choose any other.


Angie Femali--

Every year we hire Andi to do our family Christmas card photo and every year she exceeds our expectation. I tell her the theme we are going with and she runs with it setting up the perfect scene, occupying the kids appropriately to get the perfect shot for our holiday joy and making the entire session fun to take part in. When the proofs arrive, they are beyond my greatest hope without fail!