I live and breathe photography now, but in high school I was just learning about the craft. My dad had an old Pentax camera lying around and it piqued my curiosity. I still remember the weight of the mostly metal camera body gripped tightly in the palm of my hand. I hate to date myself, but digital cameras for lay people were not yet available. This was my first real experience with creating an image. To me, it was art. I photographed whatever I could – many times I used a cemetery as my subject. It was peaceful and beautiful. I was able to explore images of everyday things in a new way, and it became my passion. )




Today I look back on that time as a birth of sorts. I no longer take pictures of headstones, but I haven’t lost that fire to turn each photo into something beautiful and extraordinary. Each year I shoot a number of weddings, and I haven’t lost that drive to make unique, timeless photos from each of those milestone events. This is my heart. This is my passion.