How did you meet?

First met running a tough mudder together. Ethan setup a team for coworkers to sign up, and Chris registered for the team. We chatted a bit before the race, but didn't officially meet until that day. We stuck close to each other the entire time, and exchanged numbers after the race. From there, we got drinks at a local bar and never looked back.

What was the moment you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together?

Chris- I cannot think of a single moment when I knew this. It was really just a growing understanding over our relationship. Every once in a while (varying between daily and monthly) I'll find myself looking at him smiling while talking about some miscellaneous thing and all I can think of is about how immensely I'm in love with him and how much I look forward to spending more time with him. At some point that just came to include the rest of our lives so I instigated buying the rings.

Where and How did the proposal happen?

We both wanted to propose under the northern lights but after multiple nights in Iceland where the forecast suddenly switched from great lights to nothing we both updated our individual plans. One day we were walking down the coast and checking out beaches looking for beach glass (hobby of mine) and a couple beaches in we were in the middle of a fjord with some gorgeous mountains on either side when Ethan dropped down on one knee to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. Unfortunately his ring was in the my other jacket so I couldn't drop down on a knee to ask back. Instead I said yes and then reversed the proposal later than night while stargazing to give him his own falling star back (our engagement rings had meteorite in them).

What unique elements did you include in the day?

We really enjoyed having our mothers come up for our whiskey unity ceremony. Both of our moms enjoy Bourbon so we had then pick their favorites so we could age them together in the barrel. Our officiant, Megan, also came up with fantastic descriptions on how each described one of us and really made it special. We also selected some of the flowers based on our mothers/grandmother's favorites.

What was your color palette and style vision

Our favorite colors are orange and blue so we decided to go with a sort of sunset over the ocean palette with reds and purples thrown in. We also like an outdoorsy/rustic feel and so we stuck with wooden chairs, lanterns on tables, etc...

What was your favorite moment of the day? And favorite detail?

Chris - The entire ceremony was perfect to me, but as I was tearing up practically the entire time I'll say Ethan's vows were incredibly heartfelt and very him and just made me feel incredibly loved. Favorite detail was probably the cake. We gave the cake company a fairly vague idea of what we wanted but it turned out absolutely amazing.

Ethan - everything about that day was perfect. Seeing Chris crying when we first approached each other made me feel so loved, and it was hard not to hold him close like I normally would. Seeing everyone we knew and loved from all different stages in our lives sitting under one roof was incredible.

What surprised you on the wedding day?

How incredibly busy we were the entire reception. There were so many friends and family to talk to that we barely had time to grab food and drinks but we had so many people helping that took care of everything for us which made thinks much easier than they could have been.

What advice would you offer to other couples planning a wedding?

Have a couple trusted members of the wedding party that can handle questions and tasks during the wedding. We didn't even realize how much our friends did for us until the end of the reception and everything was already packed up and ready to go, but I can't imagine how much time it would've taken to try to do it all ourselves when we already felt like we were incredibly busy the whole time. Also don't stress the little things, and by little things, I mean everything except you marrying the love of your life. That's why you're there, that's why everyone else is there. The food, drinks, and dancing are just a nice bonus


Grooms and wedding party attire: Nedrebo’s Florist/Decoration’s: Enhancement’s

Venue: The Oak’s Golf Course Cake: Carl’s Cakes Rings: Jeweler’s Workshop