Despite most brides being worried about how they will look if they cry on their wedding day, I love it. Not to have ugly crying photos but it shows just how important the day is and I’m so honored to be able to document that! You could see that throughout the day of Brooke and Kenn’s wedding. From the start of the day putting on her dress to the “not looking” first look, to the ceremony itself Brooke could not hid her emotions. I think it’s great for a bride and groom to have a moment to themselves prior to all the craziness of the day beings. But many couples don’t want to see each other so we find a stop they can exchange cards or even a few words and it makes for amazing images. The love and fun Brooke and Kenn share with each other and their family and friends could be seen at every moment of their day!Wisconsin Wedding_0001.jpg Wisconsin Wedding_0002.jpg Wisconsin Wedding_0003.jpg Wisconsin Wedding_0004.jpg Wisconsin Wedding_0005.jpg Wisconsin Wedding_0006.jpg Wisconsin Wedding_0007.jpg Wisconsin Wedding_0008.jpg Wisconsin Wedding_0009.jpg Wisconsin Wedding_0010.jpg Wisconsin Wedding_0011.jpg Wisconsin Wedding_0012.jpg Wisconsin Wedding_0013.jpg