This year’s Femali Christmas Card involved some uncooperative chickens as well as a boy who were not excited to be models for the day. We got the boy on board and ready to go but not so much on the chickens so we moved on quickly to another idea. For those of you reading my blog for the first time every year around Thanksgiving I shoot photos for my sister’s family Christmas card. So idea number two this year, roasting marshmellows and s’mores! I’m not sure how many more years I’m going to get that boy and his sisiter to ham it up and pose for me but I love every chance I get and am honored to be allowed to document as they grow up!2014Card-007.jpg 2014Card-009.jpg 2014Card-011.jpg 2014Card-016.jpg 2014Card-022.jpg 2014Card-034.jpg 2014Card-035.jpg 2014Card-038.jpg 2014Card-042.jpg 2014Card-051 (1).jpg